Are you planning a winter trip to Niagara Falls? Well, you may not to see the great falls from the New York side. You may have to travel across the border to Canada. New York State park officials are considering re-routing the water flow to the Canadian Horseshoe Falls.

This change would only be temporary and would be done in an effort to replace two bridges that have been accessed by tourists for the last 115 years. According to,

Two of the three options, put forth in a NYS Parks report (PDF), involve temporarily shutting off the American Falls in order to replace the deteriorating bridges.

The bridges were closed in 2004 and replaced with temporary truss bridges to allow safe passage. But the trusses are still in place, and the stone and concrete underneath continues to deteriorate.

This process hasn't been done since 1969 to accommodate an erosion study and the project is said to cost approximately $21.6 million to $37.3 million, depending on which route they decide to take when it comes to replacing the aging bridges.

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