The Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICU) at St. Luke’s needs special clothing for newborns. All of the clothing for preemies and newborns are donated by the community and never purchased by the hospital.

According to the Facebook post in the private group Helping Hands in Utica, NY, a woman who works in the NICU at St. Luke’s asked if anyone had newborn girl onesies and sleepers? They say sleepers with buttons or reverse zippers work the best as our babies are hooked up to monitors. She says whatever can't be used will be re-donated.

  • Any donations can be dropped off at the hospital,1656 Champlain Ave, New Hartford, NY. Please mark the bag for NICU.
  • All clothing will be rewashed by the hospital, whether it’s new or gently used.
  • The hospital never purchases clothing.
  • Generous donations of clothing help families feel more comfortable in the hospital, keep our babies warm, and help families that may need an outfit to go home with.
    💙💗THANK YOU!!

Those who work in the NICU say they treat the babies as their and like to make them comfortable. Sometimes putting them in clothing takes away the stresses of the NICU enviro. Many parents in the community are happy to give back:

Yasmiri says, "My twins were there a few months ago. I would love to give back...Thank you so much for everything you guys do in the NICU. My fiancé and I are forever grateful for the NICU nurses when our girls were there. Happy Holidays and stay healthy as well!"

Tricia says, "My son was there, and the pajamas and hats that were donated to us made it feel so much more "human" than the hospital onesies. I'd love to pay it back/ forward."

Drop your donation off at the St. Luke's Campus, 1656 Champlain Ave, New Hartford, NY. Please mark the bag for NICU.

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