I enjoy traveling in my convertible in the summer time. I find it to be relaxing and it gives me a chance to enjoy the beauty that surrounds us in New York. The Empire State may have it's faults but the scenery is awesome.

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One of the other things that I've noticed lately is all the beautiful homes that are in New York. I love wooden houses and houses with wrap-around front porches or a veranda. I took a trip recently to Cooperstown and was amazed at all the big homes.

It got me thinking, I wonder where the biggest home in New York State is and how big is it? I figure it'll be somewhere near New York City or in Schenectady. Earlier this year, Angi.com did a story on the biggest houses in every state and the New York winner is...

Biggest House In New York State

The largest home in New York State is also the largest in the country and it's twice the size of the White House. It's owned by billionaire Ira Renner in Southampton and goes by the name "Fair Field."

So if money was no object, how many bedrooms and bathrooms would you have? In the case of Rennert, the answer is 29 bedrooms and 39 bathrooms or 21 bedrooms and 18 bathrooms depending on which report that you want to believe.

At 63 acres, it has its own power plant, a 164-seat home theater with a large enough stage for a Broadway production.

The Cost To Build The Biggest Home In New York

This 62,000 square foot mansion costed around $110 million to build with the whole property valued at almost $250 million. If Rennert decided to sell his little slice of heaven, it would be listed at more than $500 million today.

His garage is built to keep 100 cars, I have a two-car garage and I can't even store one vehicle in it. It also has 12 chimneys, two pools houses, one Synagogue and many unhappy neighbors.

They were mostly upset because he began construction before getting the necessary planning permission. While technically, he didn't break any laws, after the Fair Field was complete, Southampton passed new zoning ordinances. You can read all about it here.

You can see the largest residential homes for every state as of February 2022 here. Now we know what $250 million will get you, so how about something a little "cheaper."

Don't believe us when we say how stunning this place is? Keep scrolling for a little photo tour around Fair Field!

25 Stunning Photos From The Biggest Mansion In New York State

Want to take a not-so-little tour around the Fair Field Mansion? Take a look below, and then watch a video with more from the tour by clicking here.

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