For most of us, summer has begun. Technically, summer does not officially begin until tomorrow, June 21st, but after Memorial Day is always the "unofficial" start of summertime; especially here in New York State.

Kids will be off of school and more people will be outside and have more free time in general.

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This is the start of vacation season. There is no feeling quite like taking time off and enjoying a vacation with family or friends.

What is your vacation spot in the country?

You probably think of places such as the Grand Canyon. Maybe a warm weather place like Florida or Southern California. Perhaps it's Yellowstone National State Park or the Adirondacks.

New York State is one of the most popular states in the country, however, you don't necessarily think of New York State as a summer vacation spot for a family of friends trip.

That should change, because there is one place in New York State that rivals any vacation spot in the country. It has everything, really; tons of space, privacy, activities and tons of water.

The Finger Lakes.

The Finger Lakes are located in Central New York and if you have ever been there, then you know what a hidden gem it is. It feels like New York residents know of it, but many outside of the state don't even consider it as a vacation option.

For starters, the temperatures don't get insanely hot. Yes, temps can reach the 80's and low 90's in July, but it's far more pleasant here, then let's say, Arizona or Texas in the summer.

The Finger Lakes also have tons, and I do mean TONS of rental homes and AirBnB's to relax and spend time by one of the lakes. It's great for privacy and amazing views. My friends and I rent a home every year for a week on one of the lakes.

There are also all the wineries; The Finger Lakes are one of the top winery destinations in the country. There are also breweries and countryside that make driving between the relaxation a plus.

If you're looking for a vacation spot to visit, seriously, we have one of the best spots on earth right in our own backyard.

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