Police officers can often be associated with any number of things like handing out speeding tickets or other traffic violations and dealing with any number of crimes that people commit, but they do so much more than that.

New York State Police in Sullivan County demonstrated just one of the many things they do to assist people when they responded earlier this week to a call for help in the Town of Mamakating, NY which is just north of Middletown. An elderly woman was isolated at home with no transportation during below zero frigid temperatures, no food for her or her dog, and her cell phone was dead. Not a good situation to be in, to say the least, and clearly a dangerous one!

She must have left her home to get home for the call to come into the state police barracks as two state troopers, Rodriguez and Curameng, SP Wurtsboro picked her up and took her home, providing her with groceries, dog food, and a charger for her phone.

She clearly had feared for her life since according to State Police she said, "I prayed for you to come" when troopers arrived. This may not be an example of a dramatic rescue but it is a great example of how police officers help people who are in trouble.

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Police have also been known to help rescue animals in a dire situation and this happened very recently in the Lewiston, NY area as a police officer pulled a dog that had fallen through the ice at Bonds Lake, around 50 yards from the shore. You can check out a video from that rescue here.

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