OK, lets clear up one thing.  To this writer's knowledge there is no New York State Sandwich Hall of Fame.  But, I believe there should be one.  So, If there was indeed a Sandwich Hall of Fame I would like to present to you its first induction class.

All 13 of these sandwiches have a very strong DNA to the Empire State.  Some are widely popular now all across the country (and world) but we may be able to declare them as "born in New York."  Others are micro-regionally popular where the sandwich is well-known and  beloved in a small regional area.  Ever heard of a Beef on Weck?  Well, if you are from Buffalo you know it.  Ever heard of a "Michigan" hot dog?  Then you must be from Plattsburgh.  Ever had a Balboa?  Then I know what bar you like in Brockport, N.Y.  See what I mean.

So "may I have the envelope, please!"  From hamburgers and hot dogs to the Haystack and the Spiedie this list will get your mouth watering.  As for my favorite on the list?  The Meatball in the Heel from Syracuse.  Don't even get me started!

Enjoy this classic, historic, and oh so delicious list of the 13 members of our (newly created) New York State Sandwich Hall of Fame.

And, for next year....who would you nominate?

New York's 'Sandwich Hall of Fame' Welcomes 13 Classics!

Is there a New York Sandwich Hall of Fame.? Well, there is now! and you are looking at it. OK, so I made it up, but you will be hard-pressed to argue with the choice of any of these winners. Check out this list of 13 classic, historic and beloved sandwiches all with a strong New York DNA.

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