It is safe to say that nowadays not everyone is a fan of the media.

Over the past 5 or so years more and more people have become disenchanted with the "mainstream" media and it looks like one person took their frustration out on a reporter in Buffalo.

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Check out this Tweet from WGRZ reporter Robert Hackford. Apparently, Hackford was sitting in a car that was marked with the WGRZ Channel 2 logo when someone driving by tossed a donut at his car.

Imagine if you were at work and some random person just walked by and threw something at you. You would be mad right? Same for reporters who are in the field trying to do their job.

You have every right to have an opinion and if you don't like the newscaster or reporter that is fine, but anytime things get physical, that is not OK. You should show the same respect to news reporters that you would want people to show you.

Also...why waste a perfectly good donut?

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