The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation frequently preaches the need for safety when it comes to hunting, and even more so when it comes to using deer stands. A Western New York hunter learned first hand after hanging upside down from his stand for over 2 hours.

The DEC doesn't offer a lot of specifics on the incident, like how they were notified or how the hunter was found. What we do know it this; Forest Ranger Bob Rogers responded to a rescue call for a 22-year-old Jamestown hunter hanging upside down from his tree stand in the woods off Hotchkiss Road in the town of Randolph (south of Buffalo).

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The Ranger and members of the Chautauqua County Tech Rescue team used a UTV from the Cattaraugus County Sheriff's office to haul equipment to the scene. The man had been using a climbing tree stand when his foot slipped. His upper body was attached to the tree stand and his foot was caught in the unit. The good news was the entanglement kept him from falling to the ground, the bad news, he was trapped and unable to free himself.

The rescue was complicated because of concerns about potential suspension trauma. Paramedics used ladders and suspension harnesses to begin preventive medical procedures before the man was freed and lowered to the ground.

The DEC has many tree stand safety tips on their website.

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