Stop me if you've heard this one before, New York hunter goes down after posting photos of illegal turkey hunting. But before you think this is just another "dumb crook" story, there's an odd twist when officers show up at the door.

The Department of Environmental Conservation received a tip about a Facebook post showing 4 dead turkeys a week before the opening of hunting season. Nothing like calling authorities and giving them your address after you've committed the crime.

Illegal Turkey Hunting

When DEC officer, Maxwell Nicols went to the man's house, he admitted killing 3 of the 4 birds. When asked where the meat was, the man hung his head and looked into the kitchen where another family member was cooking dinner.  You know it, they were having turkey.

Officer Nicols confiscated the man's shotgun and the remainder of the turkey meat, leaving them with the prepared meal. Hope it was delicious because it's going to be one expensive turkey dinner. A background check showed the hunter had prior convictions barring him from possessing firearms so add criminal possession of a weapon charge to all the illegal hunting fines.  The investigation continues into who took the fourth turkey.

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