It’s a sorry state of affairs in New York City.

An anonymous man, identified only as “Mr. Apology,” has created a hotline where people throughout the Big Apple can call to say they’re sorry for their various misdeeds.

Mr. Apology has placed signs throughout the city letting people know how they can cop to their sins:

Criminals Blue collar, white collar, you have wronged people. It is to people that you must apologize, not to the state, not to God. Get your misdeeds off your chest! Call APOLOGY *67 (347) 201-2446.”

Callas are recorded, so anyone who dials in is reminded not to reveal their identities. Once there has been a catalog of enough calls made, Mr. Apology plans to play them back to the public, although he isn’t quite sure how he will do it.

Mr. Apology also wants to remind people that his number is not affiliated with any “police, governmental, religious or other organization,” which enables callers to admit their faults without fear of punishment.

“I think forgiveness is a very powerful thing — and not everyone has an outlet for that. Some people can’t talk to family, don’t have religion or maybe they don’t even know how to forgive themselves.”

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