Illegal spearfishing around midnight in the Hudson Valley led to a number of tickets.

On Wednesday, August 3, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation released its weekly Environmental Conservation Police on Patrol. Officials say that the DEC's Division of Law Enforcement enforces the 71 chapters of New York State's Environmental Conservation Law (ECL), protecting fish and wildlife and preserving environmental quality across New York.

Among the new items was illegal spearfishing in the Hudson Valley

Illegal Spearfishing in the Delaware River in the Town of Tusten, New York


On July 23 at about midnight, National Park Service Rangers requested the DEC respond to the Delaware River fishing access in Narrowsburg in the town of Tusten after witnessing at least two boats allegedly spearfishing.

ECO Parker responded, met with the National Park Service Rangers, and caught up with the first boater as it exited the waters. Officials say that the officers did not find fish on board, but located a spear.

The ECO ticketed the unnamed boater for possessing a spear on unpermitted waters and issued several navigation law offenses.

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Midnight Spearing In Sullivan County, New York


Shortly after, National Park Service Rangers found a second boater actively using a spear as they approached, according to the DEC.

Officers found 11 American eels and three spears on board the boat.

The boater was ticketed for using a spear on unpermitted water, taking 11 eels except as permitted, and fishing by means other than angling and tickets for two navigation law offenses.

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