Some people feel the state likes to ban things. Well, it's time to mark one more item off your checklist. But this one has a rather weird reason. A "boring" reason.

NBC is reporting that the New York State Senate passed a bill Wednesday that would make possession of a flamethrower a felony. Yes, apparently it was recently legal to own a flamethrower in the state of New York

The actual reason has to do with a promotion by multi-billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk's tunneling business. NBC says that in January 2018, Musk's The Boring Company ran an online promotion where it sold the 20,000 of the "Not-A-Flamethrowers"  at $500 each in just a few days.

The bill raises concerns that Musk's promotion didn't offer any sort of proper training for consumers.

NBC says there are a few exceptions; flamethrowers built before 1966, and ones used for agriculture and construction.

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