Work has begun at the At Home Superstore opening this Spring in the old K-Mart location that went out of business last year.

In September of 2017, we told you about the rumors of the At Home Superstore hopefully breathing some new life into the old Kmart building on Commercial Drive in New Hartford. Well, it looks like it's a go this Spring. At Home will now have 4 locations including New Hartford, NYC, Albany and Destiny USA in Syracuse.

The At Home store offers hip home decor at super low prices in a warehouse type environment. Their website says they offer the largest and freshest assortment of home decor at the lowest prices in the industry. They provide the latest trends and also develop their own unique products directly with manufacturers. To keep prices super low, their store is a no-frills warehouse and without the commissioned salespeople.

HomeGoods, a discount home furnishing store, is opened at Sangertown Square on October 22, 2017. So now where are you going to shop? HomeGoods or At Home?

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