A new way for you to enjoy brainfreeze, just in time for warmer weather.  Mmmmmmm....

7-Eleven has a new Slurpee scheme that will let you mix and match your flavors. On June 11, the company's launching a dual-chambered cup and special straw that allows you to sip one flavor at a time, or both at once. Just in case you really need to know how Peach Dragon Fruit tastes with a Mountain Dew White Out. We can only imagine the orders at 3 a.m.

And when is a Slurpee like the hammer of a Norse god? TheBlue Lightening Blast Slurpee, says 7-Eleven, is "inspired byThor," the upcoming movie, that is. You're prompted to "drop the hammer on your tongue... for a thunderous taste." We're still waiting for the

 Kryptonite Krush Slurpee.