Great ready: there's a new option to add to your list for meals in Rome. Crust Kitchen and Bar is preparing to open their doors to offer up something pretty unique.

According to the Rome Sentinel, Chris Destito, part of the fourth generation of the Destito family running The Savoy restaurant on East Dominick Street, has teamed up with friend Frank Belmont in a new business venture with the eatery. Belmont returned to Rome after spending about five years in Syracuse, and has a total 22 years of experience as a manager/general manager in the restaurant business.

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Their venture together is Crust Kitchen and Bar, which will have soups, sandwiches and salads on their menu, along with a full bourbon bar for drinks - something that no other spot in the Mohawk Valley offers.

Our goal is simple, bring customers kick-ass sandwiches, soups, salads & more in a laid-back atmosphere, at a reasonable price. Utilizing fresh, quality ingredients and making as much from scratch as we possibly can.

Here's the bios of some of the sandwiches on their menu, although, it's not clear what is included on them:

  • The Negotiator - (photo above) Sweet & Spicy.  Inspired by Kate, the woman who gave us the push to be where we are today.  She sold us on what these "crazy people from Saratoga" had in mind for Air City Lofts.  Then once we were hooked, she showed us why she's so good at her job.  Like the sandwich it starts off sweet and then the heat picks up and kicks you in the butt.  In the end the Negotiator always wins.
  • Lawyer's Lunch - Expensive but necessary.  When you have to deal with "the Negotiator" trust us, you make sure you have the best lawyer you can find.  Using the best ingredients isn't the cheapest way to do things, but in the end it always pays off.
  • Slow Roast - It's a tale as old as time.  Two different takes on the same sandwich, and two stubborn guys not wanting to compromise on how they think it should be on the menu.  Chris' take is simple, let the ingredients speak for themselves.  Frank's take seeks to take it up a notch.  Which side are you on? Simple & boring or fancy?
  • Screw The Chase - Few will understand.  But the ones that do, know we wanted to use another word besides "screw."  The name has nothing to do with the sandwich, but build a restaurant on the ground floor of a 4 story building and you'll get it.
  • The Banksy - We still don't know how we convinced them to give us money to open a restaurant during a pandemic, but they did and this sandwich is in their honor.  We need to sell a lot of them to pay them back, so maybe buy two of them next time you're in.

The names for these sandwiches have all of us eager to see what exactly they are. You can find Crust Kitchen and Bar online at, and also on Facebook and Instagram. There's no word yet on an opening date, but we'll keep you posted as we learn more.

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