Drivers in CNY should stay out of the left lane unless you're passing a slowpoke.

Senator Joe Griffo is looking to tweak the current law by requiring vehicles in the left lane move to the right lane within 1 1/2 miles of passing. Basically, no cruising in the 'fast lane,' you must move to the right after driving without passing anyone for a mile and a half.

New Hampshire Troopers say the law would make it safer for those commuting.

Blocking the left lane on highways disrupts the normal flow of traffic and increases the chance of crashes — but keeping it open for passing causes fewer crashes than speeding because traffic flows more smoothly and there’s less tailgating and less weaving in and out of traffic.


Times Union reports Griffo introduced this legislation after receiving numerous complaints about drivers not using the left lane for its intended purpose of passing other vehicles:

"'Coasting' in the passing lane along an interstate highway poses a safety risk to other vehicles, disrupts the flow of traffic and can lead to road rage," the bill memorandum states. "This bill would encourage individuals to occupy the left lane only when passing or overtaking another vehicle or to comply with the state's Move Over law," reads the memo, referring to state law that obligates drivers to shift lanes away from an emergency vehicle. "In doing so, traffic will be allowed to move more efficiently and safely." [Times Union]

Is this a good idea? If passed, how would it be enforced?

[Information from Times Union]

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