New Hartford's Gander Mountain store is staying put according to the retail chain's new owner. Marcus Lemonis and Camping World have bought the chain with plans to keep a portion of the stores open. In a series of Twitter posts, Lemonis explained what will be happening with the stores going forward.

If you click the link on the Tweet below, you'll be taken to a video of Lemonis clearing up any confusion.

Lemonis and the Camping World team bought the intellectual property, the brand, the assets and the rights to all the leases.

What they didn't buy was the inventory in the store. The liquidators bought it and have the right to sell all the inventory.

Here's some of what Lemonis says in the video:

"Over the past few days I've been posting the locations that will stay open. Even after the inventory is liquidated. We'll buy new inventory."

One of those locations is the New Hartford store.

Control all 166 leases. "We are going to have 70 maybe 75 stores remaining open."

"All stores are liquidating but the stores aren't closing."

So there you have it. After the liquidation sale, Lemonis and the Camping World team will re-stock the shelves and New Hartford's Gander Mountain will remain open.


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