Most of us remember our first roller coaster ride. Some have fond memories while others...not so much. A 10 year-old New Hartford boy won't forget his first and what may be his last roller coaster ride, and he has his older sister to thank.

Gavin Mooney and his family went to Disney for the first time and his older sister Alyssa talked him into going on the roller coaster. From the looks of the picture captured during the ride, he may not ride another one. "He saw the picture and said I am going to get on again," says his grandmother Tammy Lacey. "But I don't think he will."

Even though you can't tell from the frightening photo, grandma says, "Gavin and the family are having the time of their lives."

Do you remember what scared you most when you were a kid? When Gavin looks back, I'm sure roller coasters will top his list. 

Crowds don't seem to scare Gavin though. He sang in the middle of the mall when he was just 4 years-old. Hard to believe it's the same kid! They grow so fast.

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