With one of the coldest January's in a while here in central New York, I don't want to look at that heating bill when it arrives in my mailbox. If you're having trouble paying your utility bills this winter, there may be help.

Here are some places to go if you're having a problem paying your home heating bills, according to needhelppayingbills.com:

"If you need help with electric, utility, or heating bills.

There are a number of places you can turn to if you need help with paying your electric, utility, water or heating bills. Energy bill assistance programs are provided by numerous federal and state government organizations, non-profits, and directly by utility companies.

1.Government programs are offered at the federal and state level.

2. Assistance for heating bills, including free or low cost fuel or oil, may be offered.

3. Utility companies offer payment plans, free conservation measures, and shut off prevention.

4. Non-profits, charities, and social service agencies may have limited cash assistance. Additional details.

First, you should always contact your utility company to find out about any programs they offer. Many utilities offer help via shareholder or community funded emergency payment assistance programs. These programs will provide cash assistance or credits to help offset the costs of cooling and heating homes, and they will provide needed help with escalating electricity bills.

There are also numerous other plans and options that will provide assistance if you need it. Countless non-profit agencies and charities offer emergency financial assistance, and government grants can both help pay your energy bills, or be used to pay for energy conservation."

For a list of government agencies that may help with your home heating costs, go to: needhelppayingbills.com.


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