More money on the way for Lockheed Martin's plant in Syracuse, the Navy has tapped Lockheed Martin to provide two additional sonar systems for its ships and related equipment valued at almost $51 million making the current contract almost $150 million.

All of the work on the contract will be done on Lockheed's campus at Electronics Park in Salina. That location already employs about 1,600 people.

Lockheed officials did not immediately say if the new contract will lead to additional hiring at the plant which had about 100 job openings as of last month. There are current openings for both entry-level and experienced positions in engineering, finance, manufacturing and electronics assembly.

The TL-29A sonar that Lockheed will be working on are systems that are towed underwater behind Navy ships, which use passive acoustic sensors to detect submarines. The system can detect diesel and nuclear-powered submarines from a long range.

The increase in the contract includes an order for the production of a spare TL-29A array, two array refurbishments, and engineering services.

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