In the past, you really had to hunt for a really ugly Christmas sweater. Well, not anymore. They're everywhere you look.

Start a new tradition in your office or in your family. It's easier than you think. Tell everyone in your office December 15th is official ugly Christmas sweater day.

Next, start looking around your town for ugly sweaters. Check at the mall in Syracuse or Utica. Really, any store that carries clothing is a target. You could make your own sweater after a quick visit to Jo-Ann Fabrics.

You could also check the internet for ideas or products. I stumbled across a website that has some drop dead funny sweaters and some that are irrelevant so don't say I didn't warn you.

The idea here is to have some fun with National Ugly Sweater Day. Oh, and this isn't a show-up and then take it off. Find your ugly sweater and then wear it all day on the 15th. You can make a contest out of the ugliest sweater with the prize of lunch for the best ugliest sweater.

You could have the whole staff wear their sweaters to the company Christmas party.




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