When something the size of a soccer ball lands in your yard, it gets your attention.

In Tully, New York on Thursday, June 20, around 11:45 AM, Rita Williams says she saw and heard a big ice ball fall from the sky. Williams, who was returning from a walk, said the hole on her property in the Syracuse suburb was 29 inches wide and 5 inches deep. She said it had an odd squealing sound, similar to a round of fireworks, but no one else in the neighborhood saw or heard a thing, leading her to believe she was a bit crazy.

Williams wonders if the ice fell from a plane, but she said there was something a bit unusual to her--she thought there would have been some residue visible in the ice, but it was perfectly clear.

The National Weather Service has so far been unable to provide a plausible explanation for the occurrence. They can't attribute the ice chunk to a plane, but also do not think it was related to the weather.

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