It's quite the rarity for a movie to score so high on Rotten Tomatoes, but this one has that honor! The movie is out now, too!

To make that list puts the movie in a pretty elite company with some classics like Citizen Kane and Grapes of Wrath. I'm not completely certain how Rotten Tomatoes gets to their ranking, but I am pretty sure that reviews will bring it down. So, the movie may not end up staying in the website's 100 club. If you're interested in seeing the other movies on that list, check out here.

'Paper Spiders' is the name of the movie that just came out after being filmed in Syracuse in 2019. It's not a movie either that had one scene here and the rest filmed in Hollywood. The film in its entirety was shot here in Central New York. The director for 'Paper Spiders', Inon Shampanier, had this to say about 'Cuse.

“Syracuse is a beautiful city that is so rich in character,” Shampanier told Anthem Magazine. “We’ve received great support from film commissioner Eric Vinal, from the city and the community.” - Inon Shampanier -

The movie does focus on some pretty tough topics, including mental health. It's being described as a coming of age style of movie as well. Currently, it is in select theaters as it came out today. You can rent it though, Amazon and Apple iTunes are carrying it for a fee.

More on the movie is at

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