A single Rome mom is making her baking dreams come true, by making cakes and pies inspired by your wildest dreams.

Angelica Hawkins has been cooking and baking her whole life. "I learned from my mother and my grandmother." Angelica is usually busy running the kitchen at Coalyard Charlie's, and right before the pandemic struck, she realized another lifelong dream, with help from her fiancé: her own food truck.

Credit: Early Bird Eatery
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'The Early Bird Eatery' makes all sorts of amazing foods, from breakfast and lunch to some of the most creative cakes you've ever tasted. While the truck is off the road for the season, "virtual learning for my daughters has made it hard," says Angelica, you can still get some of their most popular foods.

Credit: Early Bird Eatery

One of them is the very unique "Fruity Pebble Cheesecake". It's a Fruity Pebble crust with basic cheesecake filling topped with fresh whipped cream and more fruity pebbles.

Move over pumpkin pie, this could be a new addition to your Thanksgiving table.

You can order the Fruity Pebble Cheesecake, along with other pies, cakes, and cookies by emailing Angelica at Theearlybirdeatery@gmail.com or you can find The Early Bird Eatery on Facebook.

Credit: Early Bird Eatery


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