Are you watching the most popular show in New York? Do you think you know what that show is?

The weather is getting cooler, more people are hibernating inside instead of going out on the weeknights, and that means it's the perfect time to get lost in a TV series. Are you following any shows now? Game of Thrones, Dexter, and Modern Family are just a few of the big shows that people all around the country are tuning in for - But some shows stand out more in certain states.

"CableTV" has done some research looking into the most popular shows in each state. What they did, according to CableTV is,

...looked at the top 200 most popular TV shows from IMDB...
cross referenced Google Trends data from the past twelve months, and came up with the most statistically significant, unique TV program in each state.

But there's more to how the "top TV show" is worked out. They use California to explain...

For example, Silicon Valley is not the most-watched show in California, but it is more popular per capita in California than in any other state.

So do you think you know what the most popular show in New York would be? We'll give you a hint - It's not any of the shows we mentioned at the beginning of this article and it's not The Blacklist, Breaking Bad, or The Big Bang Theory.

Still not sure?

Well, according to CableTV and their findings, the most popular show in New York is Gotham. Gotham focuses on "Detective James Gordon" and his fight to stop crime and corruption in Gotham City, before Batman arrives (in the series, Bruce Wayne is still just a kid).

If you're curious about what other states' favorite TV shows are, you can get the list here.




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