Birds are everywhere, and hard to ignore...before your coffee, breakfast, even the radio one of the first things you encounter in the morning are birds.
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While you may not realize it, you see and hear a variety of birds every day while grabbing the mail, outside your windows, on your way to work, watching their kid’s play just about everywhere.

But despite birds being all over the place, we are probably only able to name a handful of them. We've put together a small gallery (it would take us hours to construct a complete one) that covers many of the birds you are likely to see on a regular basis throughout the Western New York area. Species listed here can be seen around the majority of backyards and feeders.  As mentioned this gallery lists some of the more popular and colorful varieties of birds that frequent the Niagara Frontier.

There are even parks in our area, including Stiglmeier Park at 810 Losson Rd, Cheektowaga (a personal favorite of ours) where birds will eat right out of your hands.

If you’re new to the world of bird watching or just want to know what that little bird in your backyard is, this should help.  You can also visit The Audubon's online field guide or download their  free Audubon bird guide app to solve the mystery.

For those of you who may want to visit ...there is even an Audubon Nature Center here in the Western New York area:

Audubon Community Nature Center

1600 Riverside Rd
Jamestown, NY 14701

WNY's Most Commonly Seen Birds

Most Commonly Seen Birds in WNY

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