The 2010 regular season of the NFL is officially in the books and the playoffs are set to begin next weekend. While every team's fans can be annoying in some ways, there are some fan bases that really just get on everyone's nerves.

According to, here's a rundown of some of the most annoying NFL fan bases:

  • Chicago Bears - Bears fans will argue that their franchise is better than it really is. One Super Bowl championship and two Super Bowl appearances in 44 years isn't much to argue about.
  • Oakland Raiders - Who thinks dressing up with face paint and costumes on Sundays is a good idea?
  • New England Patriots - The rest of the league is waiting to see how long it takes for the bandwagon fans to jump ship after Brady and Bellichick retire and we see how many Pats fans are left over.
  • Philadelphia Eagles - Notorious for their bad manners (throwing snow balls at Santa Claus) and bad sportsmanship (cheering while Michael Irvin lies motionless on the field with possible spinal cord damage).
  • Dallas Cowboys - The team and their fans are everywhere, so the problem ends up being overkill.