Jared Leto: Cornering the market on extremely pale comic-book characters since 2016.

First Leto played the Joker in Suicide Squad. Now he’s jumped ship from DC to Marvel, where he’s working on the Spider-Man spinoff Morbius for Sony Pictures. Can something technically be a spinoff if the character has never appeared in any of the previous movies. Either way, the Morbius movie is already underway. As Leto tweeted from the set, they’ve already shot a week on the movie:

Morbius is sometimes referred to as a “Living Vampire,” meaning he needs to drink blood to survive but he was never bitten by a bat or a Transylvania weirdo or anything like that. Instead, an experiment gone wrong gave him super powers and a thirst for human Gatorade. He debuted in the pages of Amazing Spider-Man #101, but he’s also had his own comic book series on a couple of occasions. Following the success of Venom — a Spider-Man spinoff without Spidey in it — Sony is looking to continue that concept and expand their mini Marvel Comics universe even further.

Morbius, directed by Safe House and Life filmmaker Daniel Espinosa, opens in theaters in the Summer of 2020.

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