It's finally here, Moe's Southwest Grill will be open for business on Commercial Drive in New Hartford. The first thing you'll hear when you walk into the restaurant is an enthusiastic "Welcome to Moe's!" It's more than a greeting; it's a way of life for the folks who work at Moe's. Here's what you need to know about Moes:  

Moe's is best known for its burritos, and flavorful ingredients. The menu at Moe's also features kid's menus, vegetarian menus, and low-calorie options. All meals are served with free chips and salsa.

We believe in delicious simplicity, which is our way of saying we're committed to serving only the highest quality ingredients 100% of the time at 100% of our locations. The fully customizable menu proudly boasts all-natural, cage-free, white breast meat chicken; steroid-free, grain-fed pulled pork; 100% sirloin, grass-fed steak; and organic tofu. At Moe's, there are no microwaves, no Trans fats and no msg.”

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