Yo Rocko! Where are you? The hunt is on for Rocko, a kangaroo that went missing from a New York Animal Retreat.

Rocko escaped from Noah's Ark Animal Retreat in Goshen, New York and no one has been able to catch him and bring him back home. Rocko won't attack or hurt anyone but he is very skittish. "You won't be able to get close enough to pet it or grab it," Jodi Munsch Mains shared on a lost pet Facebook group.

The kangaroo was last seen near Gate School House Road. Anyone who spots Rocko is asked to try guiding him into a garage or barn. "Please move slowly to not spook it," Mains wrote.

Sweet potatoes, bananas, and water may work to lure Rocko in. He's been on the loose for days and is probably hungry.

Anyone with information on Rocko's whereabouts is asked to call 845-421-5365 or 845-522-7312.

Kangaroo Escapes Fair

This isn't the first kangaroo to go missing in New York. One escaped from a fair in Trumansburg, New York a few years ago.

Photo by - Andy Lederman
Photo by - Andy Lederman

Andy Lederman came face to face with the kangaroo when it crossed Route 96. "I saw this thing jump out of the wood. It stared right at me. I thought it wanted to fight. I wasn't about to get out of my car. But it wouldn't stop looking at me," said Lederman.

Two guys came out of the woods after the kangaroo. "The first guy wrestled him to the ground but the kangaroo kicked his butt," said Lederman. "I would have hated to be that guy but I have to thank him. Thank you for taking the beating for me."

Credit - Andy Lederman
Credit - Andy Lederman

Lederman said he's not scared of many things in life. "This kangaroo intimidated me. But I knew if I didn't take a picture, no one would believe me."

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