It's a phenomenon that happens every 17 years, which means things are about to get loud.

If lots, I mean LOTS of insects freak you out, you probably do not want to read on. And maybe this spring you will want to just stay in your house. According to USA Today,  Brood X cicadas will be emerging from Upstate New York soil and in several other New York states this spring. Also known as the Great Eastern Brood, these cicadas have been living in the soil as wingless nymphs since 2004 and this is the year that they will emerge.

USA Today says this brood of cicadas is one of the largest in the country. They will not only emerge here in New York but also in 14 other states including New Jersey and Pennsylvania. When they emerge in late spring you won't miss their presence. Populations can reach the millions! You will not only see the insects flying around, but you will also hear them buzzing all over the place.

The more you learn about this 17-year cycle, it truly is fascinating. USA Today says the trigger for these cicadas to all emerge at the same time is not known, and they will even delay their emergence in unison if the weather conditions are not right.

Now I know what you are thinking. Millions of insects emerging from the ground in 2021 is the last thing we need after a wacky 2020. The  USA Today report says these cicadas are harmless and their appearance will actually bring environmental benefits. And from a mental standpoint, maybe these bugs emerging from the ground will be a great metaphor for us in 2021. One that represents us all emerging from our own underground existence over the last year.

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