Have you heard of the Silent Service? One man serving who is from Rome says this area gives you what is needed to succeed.

There are many reasons someone will choose to enter the United States Military. For some, it is heritage and following family footsteps. For others, it is literally about getting a free education after your tour is done. For a Rome man, it was about way more than either of those things. For him, it was about doing the greater good for the United States.

Ryan McNichol is his name, and after reading his story, he definitely is making Rome and Central New York proud with the work he does for our military.

“I joined the Navy to give myself a better opportunity in life, make something of myself, explore the world and to have a career" - Ryan McNichol via Rome Sentinel

More than just being a Navy man, he is a member of the Silent Service. Does that branch of the Navy ring a bell? It actually is the branch that operates and works on Submarines. The name Silent Service comes from the fact that these vessels keep our country protected while not even being seen or heard in most instances.

McNichol though has much pride in his hometown of Rome.

“I learned to be kind to everyone and treat everyone with equal opportunity,” “Rome also taught me to work your hardest at everything you do.” - Ryan McNichol via Rome Sentinel

McNichol serves his country as a fireman and is a graduate locally from Rome Free Academy. Thank you, Ryan, for keeping our country safe.

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