Miles Teller has been picking up steam lately with roles in 'The Spectacular Now' and 'Whiplash,' which opened the festivities at this week's Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah. And right on the heels of that premiere comes word of Teller's latest role: playing comedy icon Dan Aykroyd in the upcoming John Belushi biopic, starring Emile Hirsch. At least that's what Hirsch says. 

Hirsch himself announced the news, according to THR, at the party for the Creative Coalition this past Saturday night:

"A shout-out to Miles Teller!” he told the packed party. “We’re going to be working together soon. He’s playing Dan Aykroyd in the Belushi movie.”

While nothing has been confirmed, it seems the offer has indeed been made to Teller, and it's safe to assume he'll likely take it. It's an inspired bit of casting, and we think Teller has the chops to pull it off as Aykroyd, Belushi's former 'SNL' co-star, collaborator, and close friend. But first Teller has to finish his promotional duties for the upcoming comedy 'That Awkward Moment,' set to premiere later this month.

Aykroyd is also a producer on the Belushi biopic, which would allow Teller (and Hirsch) the unique opportunity to work closely with the former 'SNL' star, who co-created the 'Blues Brothers' with Belushi.

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