Former NHL player Mike Danton has faced  adversity after he served five years in federal prison for attempting to murder his former agent.

Now, though, Danton is a hero to at least one person.

During a Swedish professional hockey game, Danton’s teammate, Marcus Bengtsson, was having convulsions — an apparent seizure — on the ice after taking a hit along the boards. That’s when Danton stepped in. Danton wrote on his blog:

As his eyes continued to roll into the back of his head, his mouth finally opened a bit. It was at that time that I jammed my fingers into his mouth and clawed his tongue. While I did that, Max and Roger tilted Bangan [Bengtsson] on to his side to keep his tongue and blood from sliding into his throat.”

After a summer full of tragedies in the NHL, it’s nice to have at least one heroic tale.

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