Metallica keep popping up in unusual places lately. For its latest trick, the band made an appearance on Comedy Central's recently Emmy-crowned comedy news series 'The Colbert Report.'

The guys stopped by last night, adding another to a string of unorthodox publicity stops for their upcoming IMAX 3D concert movie 'Metallica: Through the Never.'

Performing a pair of songs ('Master of Puppets,' which you can watch above, and 'For Whom the Bell Tolls,' which you can watch below) and making their first television appearance since (according to James Hetfield) "'Saturday Night Live' 100 years ago or something," they also sat for one of host Stephen Colbert's trademark surreal interview segments.

Making up in humor for what it lacked in actual information about Metallica, Colbert's sit down with the band kicked off with a question about the movie -- specifically, how they chose the title. "What is 'Through the Never'?," asked Colbert. "Why not 'Next to the Always' or 'Under the Sometimes'?" No one really had an answer for that one, although drummer Lars Ulrich did point out that in Russia, the film's translated title is 'Through the Impossible.'

What Colbert really seemed to want to know is if the members of the band are really as ticked off as they seem onstage. "Do you have to be angry to rock as hard as you do?" he asked, turning to James Hetfield and saying, "Do you need anger Viagra? Do you have to fake your anger-gasm?" A little genuine anger "helps, especially when you're younger," admitted Ulrich. Added Hetfield, "We're 50 on the outside, but we're still growing up on the inside." Guitarist Kirk Hammett summed it up most succinctly of all, simply saying, "I'm f---ing p---ed, bro."

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