We are proud to provide Boilermaker Race Day coverage once again for 2021. Here's a look at the winners:

Boilermaker 15K Winners:


1st Place-  Stephen Rathbun with a time of 47:32

Other top runners from the men's side:
Sam Morse of Camden with a time of 47:45
Abshir Yerow of Syracuse with a time of 47:49
Kyle Price of North Brunswick with a time of 48:48


1st Place-  Savannah Boucher with a time of 56:24

Other top runners from the women's side:
Eve Glasergreen of Waterloo with a time of 56:26
Tricia Longo of Waterford with a time of 57:56
Cassie Mae Goodman of Phelps with a time of 58:29

Boilermaker 5K Winners:


1st Place-  Cara Sherman with a time of 17:05


1st Place-  Bryce Millar with a time of 17:43


Boilermaker Wheelchair Winners:

1st Place-  Hermin Garic with a time of 35:35

UPDATE: A day after winning the Wheelchair Division of the Utica Boilermaker, Utica’s Hermin Garic had an impressive showing in today’s Boston Marathon.

Garic finished eighth overall in the Men’s Wheelchair Division in a time of 1:34:23.

The 31-year-old Garic placed third among American men.

Four-time Boilermaker wheelchair champion Daniel Romanchuk finished second in Monday's Boston Marathon.


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