This good pup is not only serving her community, but she's also serving up truth that pit bulls aren't a naturally-aggressive breed.

Kiah is one of the only pit bull K9 officers in America, and the first one in New York. According to WREG, Brad Croft with UniversalK9 rescued Kiah from an abusive living situation in Kirby, Texas, and he was told she had recently been hit in the head with a hammer before arriving at the shelter where he found her. Croft decided to bring Kiah home and train her as a police dog.

Croft told WREG that Kiah was hard to train at first, but after about eight weeks, she started getting the hang of it and was "ready to work."

“If we were to have some kind of contest, she would outwork [the other dogs] all days of the week,” Croft told WREG. “This dog is crazy good.”

That's when the Poughkeepsie Police Department reached out to Croft looking for a new K9. They found Kiah, and she soon became the first pit bull K9 in New York. Now alongside her partner, Justin Bruzgul, she's working to not only take down the bad guys, but to also take down negative stereotypes about pit bulls.

In a feature with Inside Edition, Bruzgul explained what makes Kiah's story so special.

"She's loveable. She's friendly," Bruzgul told Inside Edition. "She came from a horrible situation and to see that, that's ultimately what makes it the most rewarding, getting her a better life, and she has it."

And COME ON, just look at her sweet face. Kiah is obviously the best working K9 ever and we're so happy for her now that she's living her best life.

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