The great Szechuan Wars seem so very long ago, and McDonald’s is finally ready to make peace. The fast food favorite has officially announced plans to bring back the infamous Szechuan sauce in a quantity Rick and Morty fans should be pleased by.

It was back in October that McDonald’s promised a genuine return for 1998 Mulan-inspired sauce, following an embarrassing promotion that saw Rick and Morty fans flipping out over the limited supply sent to restaurants. This time around, at least 20 million packets will stock McDonald’s locations around the country; hundreds per store. According to Polygon, the sauce packets will be available as early as Monday, February 26.

And if you thought this whole absurd debacle needed at least one more face-palm, McDonald’s will also release three-episode podcast The Sauce to provide Rick and Morty fans with insight into what went wrong with the initial promotion. The Sauce will feature “real interviews with McDonald’s corporate executives and Chef Mike, angered Sauce lovers and even electronic DJ Deadmau5 for a glimpse into what happened.”

For those unfamiliar with the affair, it was the surprise April Fools release of Rick and Morty Season 3 premiere “The Rickshank Redemption” that caused an internet phenomenon around the discontinued Szechuan sauce, following repeat reference to scientist Rick’s obsession with it. The joke has since inspired countless recreations and lavish eBay sales of the original packets, culminating in last year’s disastrous official return. It is not yet clear if McDonald’s intends to bring back the sauce on a permanent basis.

Well, we’d say that Rick and Morty Season 4 should have its work cut out to address Szechuan madness, but we may not know until 2020 or so. Stay tuned for more in the meantime.

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