Over the weekend I stumbled onto a story that dealt with how the brain sees two different photos. Have you heard about the image that screws up your brain and your thought process? It's kinda cool.

The photo in the video getting discussion is part of whats called the "McCollough Effect". Scientists describe the McCollough effect as a "phenomenon of human visual perception in which colorless gratings appear colored contingent on the orientation of the gratings".

It is an aftereffect requiring a period of induction to produce it. For example, if someone alternately looks at a red horizontal grating and a green vertical grating for a few minutes, a black-and-white horizontal grating will then look greenish and a black-and-white vertical grating will then look pinkish. The effect is remarkable for often lasting an hour or more, and in some cases after prolonged exposure to the grids, the effect can last up to three and a half months."

Pretty crazy right?

You got to love science. After starring at this for two long, my eyes are a little crazy.



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