Fun delicious fact: If you play "Maybe I'm Amazed" from Paul McCartney backwards you'll end up hearing a recipe for a lentil soup?

This was discovered on an episode of The Simpsons called "Lisa The Vegetarian".

McCartney helps Lisa become a vegetarian and tells her that if you play this song backwards, you hear a recipe for lentil soup. Over the closing credits of that episode, if you listen carefully, you can hear the backwards message.

The lentil soup recipe Paul speaks backwards is:

- one medium onion, chopped

- two tablespoons of vegetable oil

- one clove of garlic, crushed

- one cup of carrots, chopped

- two sticks of celery, chopped

- half a cup of lentils

- one bay leaf

- one tablespoon of freshly chopped parsley

- salt and freshly ground pepper to taste

- two and a quarter cups of vegetable stock or water"

Here's the video:

Have you ever tried to make this soup?


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