Monday was Valentine’s Day but it appears New York isn't feeling the love. A new stat on marriages in the state is shocking many Empire State residents.

A spokesperson from QuoteWizard by LendingTree reached out to Hudson Valley Post to give us its findings on a new study. The study was regarding love and marriage in New York State and across the nation.

New York's marriage rate is down 51 percent, according to QuoteWizard by LendingTree.

Bride and groom figurines standing on two separated slices of wedding cake
Jeffrey Hamilton

"Love may be in the air this Valentine’s Day, but in New York, fewer people are getting married. Our team of analysts found that the marriage rate in New York has dropped by 51% since 2009. We also found that New York has the #1 highest percentage of people who have never married," a QuoteWizard by LendingTree spokesperson told Hudson Valley Post in an email.

New York also had one of the highest percentages of people who never married. 38 percent of Empire State residents never marry, according to the study. Other shocking results included:

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