Following the Holiday season, Marquee Cinemas at Orchard 14 is getting some major upgrades with new luxury seating that you can reserve and floating screens.

It's only natural the couple decades old entertainment hub might be showing some signs of wear after a decade and a half in business, but over the next six short months it'll be practically brand new.

Starting in January and completing in May, pretty much everything will be overhauled or replaced. You'll be walking on new carpet, looking at newly painted walls, sitting in new electric-powered seats with footrests (no more using the seats in front of you for your feet) and possibly less obvious but more important: hearing new sound systems and peering at new 'floating' screens.

Another cool addition we've all wished at least once is similar to picking concert tickets, you'll be able to choose your seats online before arriving or at an in-lobby kiosk. The days of showing up to the theater and standing in long lines only to find out when you get to the front that your movie has sold out will be gone.

Cant wait! Read more at the OD...

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