The first phase of the Marquee Cinemas facelift is complete and you can now enjoy a movie on the big screen in a leather reclining seat and even reserve said seat online.

If you've tried to check out a movie recently, you will have noticed that only half of the theaters are available as they have been overhauling the others with new screens, seats, sound systems, walls and even carpets. They're working on the other half now and the whole theater will be practically brand new by the end of May. But, the best part is that you can reserve seats online now just like you would for concert tickets. Gone are the days of showing up to the theater only to find out that the show is sold out. Here's what the screen looks like as you order:

Screenshot: KJ
Screenshot: KJ

We've heard reports of the seats being so comfortable that people are falling asleep in them, so book at your own risk! Here's the link to explore for yourself.

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