There is some evidence that some dogs, not all but some, could benefit from Medical Marijuana. Some of the benefits, according to the Huffington Post, is what works for adults sometimes works for dogs as well.

I can see one possible use if you have a rescue that you have adopted for instance and have issues that appear when you get your rescue home. Some rescues come with extra baggage like separation anxiety for instance or fear of fireworks, thunderstorms or any loud noise for that matter.

We have a cockapoo that we rescued about five years ago and is now just beginning to let me touch him without running in the opposite direction. We don't think he was physically abused but rather yelled at when he was a puppy and scared him to death. "That anxiety may be helped by using a Treat-ibles " according to Julianna Carella, the founder of Treat-ibles, a company that sells canine snacks produced with cannabidiol, or CBD.

As with anything else for your dog, make sure to check with your vet and get his or her recommendations before giving this product to your pet.


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