In Vietnam this week, a woman wanted to exit a plane as quickly as possible with her screaming kid. So, a kindly passenger assisted her — by showing her down the escape slide.

According to a report from Hanoi, 29-year-old Le Van Thuan was next to a woman whose baby was screaming. The woman asked the Van Thuan to help her with the emergency door so she could exit more quickly with the upset child. Like any of us, Van Thuan was probably glad to help because he wanted the woman to leave quickly with the kid as well, so he opened the door, which triggered the slide.

It’s unclear whether the passengers had second thoughts or the flight crew intervened, but nobody exited the plane on the slide. Unfortunately, it’ll cost the airline about $10,000 to refit the slide and Van Thuan, even though he thought he was being a gentleman, will be fined $950.

They are all very lucky. Usually, we want to show screaming kids and their parents the emergency door while the plane is still in flight.

[via Yahoo]