In the old song ‘Candy Man,’ Sammy Davis Jr. once opined that the aforementioned confectioner “makes everything he bakes satisfying and delicious.” What he left out is “… especially if he makes them out of heroin.”

When Rafael Quinonez Jimenez, a 45-year-old Guatemalan, landed in Orlando, Fla., airport officials noticed he was “very nervous and sweating profusely” as he went through customs. And with good reason — after agents searched his duffel bag, they found about seven pounds of heroin, all neatly disguised as candy lollipops.

Jimenez used the old “I didn’t know what I was carrying, I was just doing a favor for a friend” excuse, but authorities didn’t buy it. He was arrested and could wind up in the clink for a decade if convicted.

Still unanswered: how many licks it takes to get to the center of a heroin pop. We lost count after the first lick.