If you've ever been caught in New York rush hour traffic, you know you'd do almost anything to avoid it. One driver tried having a fake passenger in the car so he could use the carpool lane. Unfortunately, he drove by a cop.

Officer Cody Exum of the Suffolk County Police was driving on the Long Island Expressway when he noticed something odd about the passenger in a car in the HOV lane. When he pulled the vehicle over he discovered was what was off. The passenger wasn't a passenger at all. It was just a seat creatively disguised as one with a hooded jacket, and a hat. If he'd added a mask, he may have gotten away with it.

Credit - Suffolk County Police Department via Facebook
Credit - Suffolk County Police Department via Facebook

The driver was given a ticket for violating the carpool lane laws. "He was sent on his way...in one of the other three lanes of travel," the Suffolk County Police Department shared on Facebook.

This isn't the first time someone has used a fake passenger to use the HOV lanes on the Expressway. "I saw an officer had a car pulled over in the HOV Lane with the bust of a dummy on the hood of a car, all dolled up to try and look like a female passenger," Michael Porciello said.

Dakota Bato admitted she's done it too. "I had a mannequin torso in my car for years."

You gotta give the guy an A for effort. The officer gets an A+ for noticing the fake passenger on a highway with speeding cars in every direction.

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