Imagine you're sound asleep in your nice warm comfy bed, and then around 3:30 in the morning you feel your toe being licked and sucked on. Then you remember you are home alone and start to wig out. That's exactly what happened to a 20 year old guy in Brandenton Florida on Christmas Eve.

I found this Strange But True story on The Smoking Gun website this morning that said police are still on the lookout for a man who broke into a stranger's house and started sucking his toes while he was sleeping.

The victim thought he was being robbed and told the suspect that he didn't have any money. To that suspect responded by telling him he was just there to suck his toes. The victim ended up punching the man several times in the face and forcing him out of his house and into the yard.

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While the man was hitting the toe sucker, the man stated he had a gun and tried to fondle the man's private parts. The victim never saw a gun and continued to throw punches at the man's face.

The victim then ran back inside to call 911 as the intruder smashed the front window of the home and jumped on top of the man's car kicking the windshield until he broke that as well.

The police are checking the DNA of the intruder, DNA they collected off the fists of the homeowner.

I'm sure this guy will be investing in an alarm system in the near future, and even then, I don't know if he'll ever be able to sleep through the night again.

I don't think I would be able to.

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