Super Bowl 50. A day to eat, drink and be merry with Utica food and Utica beverages. Have fun with friends, watch some football and pay attention to the commercials. 

The Super Bowl is like Thanksgiving; the diet goes out the window beginning with the beverages.



We probably don't even need to say Saranac beer or Utica Club. They also have a selection of hard soda.
For the non-drinkers include Saranac soft drinks. Root beer, diet root beer, ginger, orange cream, Shirley Temple, black cherry cream.



Purple Cow Wings:

Slice Pizzeria on Genesee Street in Utica uses a sweet and spicy secret sauce for their Purple Cow Wings.

New York Style Pizza:

La Roma Pizzeria

La Roma Pizzeria's New York style pizza is sure to please your hungry crowd on Super Bowl Sunday. Word on the street is they have the best pizza around. Located on the corner of E. Bloomfield and Floyd Ave. in Rome.



Teddy's Rome

While in Rome you might as well pick up some award winning riggies. Teddy's is a riggie Fest Hall of Fame Member. They're voted #1 in Utica's Riggie Fest three years running. Riggies are a staple at any Utica Super Bowl party.



Hot Dogs:

Honest John's hot dogs are made in Utica at Smith Packing. Offer up all the toppings like onions, chili, cheese, sauerkraut. With the warm temperatures, you might have to grill them outside.