Things are blowing up at TNT Academy in Georgia after the principal insulted "all the black people," during graduation. Nancy Gordeuk forgot to introduce the valedictorian during a graduation ceremony and when the crowd started to grumble, she called them 'rude' and demanded everyone "owes this man an apology, especially that goober coming through. Where are you, you little coward?"

As some in the crowd started to leave, Gordeuk called them out. "Y'all are the rudest people I've ever seen in my life, to not listen to this man's speech. Close the doors, now."

The fireworks started when Gordeuk stated "Look who's leaving... all the black people."

Everyone headed for the doors after that, white and black.

Gordeuk apologized for her comments, telling CNN, "I deeply apologize for my actions made in the emotional state of trying to let this last student finish his speech. I take a personal interest in the success of every student that comes through our doors without regard to their race, religion or ethnicity."

But some aren't buying her apologies.

Gordeuk's son Travis defended his mother on Facebook but only made matters worse when he wrote, "If anyone has something to say about my mom and how she ran her graduation, come say it to my face...Yall n***** aren't talkin s**t so if u got something to say come see me face to face."

Hailey R, who posted the video on YouTube says, "Students have alleged the school and its founder Nancy Gordeuk hold disparaging views towards people of color, and at the graduation ceremony they unexpectedly received validation."

Many are calling for Gordeuk's resignation, although she's the founder of the school. While others are upset for the kids, who's special moment was ruined.

Should Gordeuk hand in her resignation for her racist comments or was it just a slip of the tongue?

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